Sandblasting in the field – from 0 to 2864 meters

Sandblasting in the field – from 0 to 2864 meters
Sandblasting in the field

SANDBLASTING IN THE FIELD - no dusting in the surroundings

We guarantee you the best way to remove PAINT, RUST, IMPURITIES, SCALES, MOLD and prepare surfaces for further ANTI-CORROSION PROTECTION or achieve the desired final surface structure. Blast Tehnik performs sandblasting in the field, at your place, without additional energy sources.

Qualified field teams and high-performance field facilities can handle even the largest facilities.


sandblasting in the field - our references:



Wet blasting or so-called wet blasting is a unique blasting process for use in city centers and in areas where dusting in the surroundings is not allowed.

Only impurities (paint, mold, rust, …) are removed and the surfaces remain completely undamaged. Especially suitable for: graffiti removal, cleaning of buildings with cultural heritage status, …

Peskanje_betona_Blast_Tehnik_kv Peskanje_betona_Blast_Tehnik_kv
sandblasting concrete

Mobile sandblasting is ideal for finishing walls and facades of new buildings, as well as for renovation work.

Sandblasting of concrete is performed according to predetermined stages of processing. In this way, the customer selects the desired final structure and appearance (fine, medium, rough, …). Suitable for disposal:

descaling - OXIDE REMOVAL

The oxide layer on steel is a problem for: machining, welding and paint adhesion. Why?

1. Between the base material and the oxide layer – air pockets are formed inside which rust is formed.

2. Hard oxide layer (400 HV) requires longer machining times and increased wear of cutting and machining tools.

3. Poorer quality and reduced load-bearing capacity of welds in the case of uncleaned surfaces.

Our technology also removes extremely HARD and Tough coatings. In this way, we enable quality further joining – welding and optimal adhesion of corrosion protection. We perform field blasting with a high pressure of 12 bar. With thorough protection of the work site and efficient suction ( IBS systems by Blast Tehnik ) we prevent dust in the surroundings.


With the sandblasting process, we process new vessels and vessels that are in the renovation phase.

We provide high daily blasting capacities, using dedicated blasting media for processing various basic materials – polyester, carbon, aluminum, steel, …

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sandblasting of structures

Proper preparation of surfaces with the process of sandblasting prolongs the life of new structures and ensures quality renovation of existing ones.

Examples of applications:

Odstranjevanje_Talnih_Označb_01 Odstranjevanje_Talnih_Označb_02
sandblasting floor markings

Due to changes in traffic regimes, safety measures or wear and tear, old floor markings need to be removed and replaced with new ones.

Unlike conventional methods (milling / grinding), sandblasting, with comparable efficiency, allows dust-free removal to the surroundings.

sandblasting wood

Sandblasting is an excellent process for processing wood and wood products. The process is extremely fast and efficient compared to classic sanding and brushing. After sandblasting, the wood surface is suitable for immediate application of protective coatings. Sandblasting removes:

sandblasting of pipelines

Pipelines of various sizes are used to transport energy sources such as gas, oil, etc … Most pipes are constantly exposed to corrosion, so they need the best corrosion protection and regular maintenance.

We provide our clients with a top-quality implementation of the entire service with purpose-developed machines for automatic and manual sandblasting of pipe diameters of 19 – 1,500 mm.

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We participated in the project of restoring the Aljaž tower from the top of Triglav. In doing so, we removed 18 coats of paint. The basic material – galvanized sheet metal and inscriptions remained completely undamaged.

Examples of applications – restoration sandblasting:

remediation of tanks

Sandblasting in the field is a field solution for tanks that cannot be transported. Remove rust and other impurities – without contaminating the surroundings. Protected surfaces are protected with:

Examples of applications:

See even more examples of sandblasted surfaces for different types of industries.

opinions of our customers

We sanded one pillar all day. We immediately saw that this was not the right approach, so we decided to sandblast. The Blast Tehnik team saved us a lot of time with their work and, with good cooperation with other maintenance contractors, enabled our lifts to continue to operate safely.

Adi Doberšek, Marprom Mariborsko Pohorje d.o.o.

Working principle

Sandblasting is a process in which, with the help of high kinetic energy, a blasting medium is fired (under high pressure up to 14 bar) onto the surface of the blasting object.

Depending on the base material of the workpieces, the type of protection, further use and the desired final appearance (structure), we use different SANDING MEDIA (click).

sandblasting quality standards ISO 8501-1
Blast Field Sandblasting Capacity Technician

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Blast Tehnik IBS suction systems are suitable for suction of various media (dust, flammable dust, oil vapors, smoke ...). IBS suction systems can be installed in new as well as existing production lines.
Solutions for periodic and general maintenance of RTO & RCO systems. "0" emissions and optimal energy efficiency. We offer maintenance of RTO systems almost all over Europe!
Dry ice cleaning allows you to reduce production downtime and higher product quality. The process is fast, without the use of water and chemicals.
Cleaning the heaters is the best solution for maintaining your heating system. With dry snow cleaning technology, we clean your heaters completely without damage. In this way, we ensure flawlessly clean honeycombs and optimal use of thermal energy.
Introducing the EXTRACTOR 4 / 6-10,000 HIGH industrial dust extractor (filter). It is a product from the IBS Filtration & Separation Blast Technician family. Enables efficient suction in applications: POWDER VARNISHING and TEFLONIZATION.

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