Painting and rubberizing

Protect your assets from the negative effects of the environment . Improve their aesthetic appearance and increase their added value .

with us They paint:

Simple and effective

Extending the life of Machines, Products or Facilities

Due to its relatively low price, painting is an excellent choice for increasing the added value of machines and products. In conjunction with quality surface preparation such as sandblasting, we ensure excellent paint adhesion and, consequently, superior product durability.

Advantages of painting

Blast Tehnik offers painting with professional painting technology according to European guidelines for quality coatings. Thus, an optimal and homogeneous application of paint is possible, which significantly improves the final result.

Why paint with us?

We are specialists in surface preparation , which allows us to provide exceptional QUALITY and long-lasting paint application.

We deal with both wet and powder coating , and we paint everything from serial pieces to unique products.

Advantages of rubberizing

Depending on the specific requirements, the rubber coating of the surface is protected with different materials (anti-wear, non-slip, electro-non-conductive, …), in different color shades and hardnesses.

Working principle

Powder paint adheres strongly to the surface after application with a spray gun.

The powder is then melted in an oven and evenly distributed on the surface.

This achieves a 98% efficiency, as paint that does not stick to surfaces can be almost completely restored to use.

The spray method allows us to apply evenly and homogeneously in wet painting.

We can apply different colors according to the RAL scale!

Depending on the specific requirements of customers, we use paints resistant to shocks, heat, abrasion and chemically resistant paints.

Rubberizing is a cold surface protection process that protects products locally or completely. Regardless of the size and shape of the workpieces, we provide rubber services in the field and at the location of our company.

One or more layers of elastic polymer are applied with the help of dedicated rubber applicators and compressed air. Within a few hours, the surface is dry and the products are ready for further use.

This ensures permanent and temperature-resistant protection (up to 120 ° C) on almost all metallic and non-metallic materials. Our procedures comply with FDA regulations for contact with medications and foods.

Examples of the use of dyeing by industry

Click on one of the industries below to see concrete examples.

Finishing in the automotive industry

Use cases:

  • restoration of trailers and chassis for the commercial vehicles
  • restoration of parts
  • general restoration of production line units
  • restoration of tanks for raw materials and energy carriers

Examples of the use of rubber by industry

Click on one of the industries below to see concrete examples.

Rubber coating in the automotive industry

Use cases:

  • manipulators and grippers (protection of parts against scratches and damage)
  • feeders and hoppers
  • transport rollers and pulleys

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