Shot peening

Increase the resistance of your hi-tech elements to dynamic loads and extend their service life by as much as 1000x.

Our shot peening services are used by:

Unparalleled improvement of fatigue life

Improve the mechanical properties of metals

Shot peening reduces the possibility of failure of key safety components after welding or machining.

Advantages of shot peening

We provide greater strength, longer service life and 100% process repeatability.

Why shot peening?

When it comes to adding strength and improving the durability of metals, there is no better technique in the world than shot peening.

In 1982, NASA began using it to strengthen rocket parts, and today it is the gold standard in the automotive, aerospace and other industries.

Working principle

Shot peening is a modern version of the method used by the blacksmiths since ancient times to add strength to their products.

The shot – round in shape – acts as a micro hammer when striking the workpiece, creating small dents in the surface.

After a large number of impacts, these are smoothed into a flat, hard surface.

This creates a layer of compressive residual stresses, which virtually eliminates the possibility of failure of workpiece structure.

Use cases by industry

Shot peening is used to strengthen crankshafts, connecting rods, gears, various types of springs and turbine blades, wing elements, aircraft landing gears, safety screws and much more.

Click on an industry below for specific case studies.

Shot peening for the automotive industry

Use cases:

  • chassis parts for cars, trucks and heavy equipment
  • springs (leaf and coil)
  • gears for gearboxes and differentials
  • drive shafts and axles

What do our customers say?

“The renovation of key safety points on passenger aircraft is a big responsibility. It is part of the general aircraft refurbishment, which involves only certified contractors. Blast Tehnik fully meets our requirements and expectations, and we can say that flying is safer after Blast Tehnik processes the parts.”

Robert Rozman

Head of Engineering
Adria Tehnika d.d.

100% satisfaction guarantee


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