Staff and infrastructure

At Blast Tehnik, we understand that doing business in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing world depends on professionally trained, creative and motivated employees who are always up to new challenges.

Open job vacancies

Job description:

  1. performing various assembly tasks on equipment/machines at company premises or in the field
  2. performing sandblasting or dry ice cleaning
  3. servicing and maintenance of blasting and dry ice cleaning equipment

We offer:

  1. permanent employment after the successful completion of a probationary period
  2. incentive pay for your work and rewarding tied to achieving performance goals
  3. employment in a stable, innovative and growing company

We expect the following competencies and skills:

  1. at least IV. level of technical education (priority is given to candidates with mechanical engineering education)
  2. independence and attention to detail in performing tasks
  3. technical understanding and desire to learn
  4. ingenuity and diligence
  5. category B driving licence

The work is done in Novo mesto and in the field. For more information, please call +386 41 671 002 .

Send your application to [email protected].


The know-how, skills, experience and creativity of our staff help to establish our competitive advantage and represent our potential for development.

Our company currently employs a staff of 20, of which 5 are certified sandblasting experts, 10 are experts in sandblasting in the field and 4 are certified dry ice cleaning experts.

Depending on the requirements, we can organise up to 8 independent service teams in the field or at the premises of Blast Tehnik.

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How can we help you?


Through projects we implement, our staff members are constantly contributing to the development of the profession. At the same time we also participate in many activities outside the company, whether in scientific research, drafting of technical specifications, instructions and guidelines, or development of technologies and system solutions.


We collaborate with the Jožef Stefan Institute and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, and we are also actively involved in the work of various business, professional and civil associations focusing on the development of the profession.


Our manufacturing resources allow us to blast large objects, such as vehicles, structures, monuments, as well as smaller objects of all materials and types.

Blast rooms

Blast booths

Booths for blasting various materials (aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, wood …).

Serial blasting booths.

Shot peening booths.

Booths for processing long pieces.

Metallizing booths

Automated robotic metallisation.

Manual metallization booths.

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