Filtration and separation systems

Based on many years of our own experience, state-of-the-art filtration and separation systems have been developed. This ensures a process without contamination of your products, a healthy working environment and optimal material utilization.

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Collection, recycling and filtration

Save resources By quality separation of blasting media and other bulk materials

Ensure less congestion in the production line, increase the life of filter cartridges and reduce the frequency of emptying and cleaning the system.

How do filtration and separation systems work?

It is a set of devices that remove various particles through the suction process. They are separated according to their dimension, shape or weight. In the case of sandblasting, the system eliminates usable sandblasting medium for reuse.

Advantages of Blast Filtration and Separation Systems Technician

The quick installation of the system allows its use in the field. Due to its flexibility, it is also useful in tight, hard-to-reach areas.

IBS - Infinity Blast System

  • Possibility of independent installation or integration into the existing suction system.
  • Efficient extraction of various substances – the configuration of the system is flexible according to the customer’s needs.
  • Extremely powerful system that allows material to be transported over long distances.
  • Longer filter life – separation systems eliminate larger particles before entering the filter.
  • Possibility of truck handling.
  • Compact design – adapted for easy transport (folding assemblies).
  • Emptying the separated media directly into dedicated containers, without additional spilling.
  • Built-in system for dust-free disposal of waste material from the storage.
  • The combination of high vacuum and air flow enables the transfer of material over long distances.
  • The systems operate independently or in several levels (multi-stage separation).
  • Impact head adjustable for traction speed.
  • Engine power (kW): 7.5
  • Max air flow (m³ / h) : 1,500
  • Suction pipe diameter (mm): 120
  • Noise level (dB (A)): 75
  • Weight of system with 2-stage separation (kg): 600
  • Pressure sandblasting volume (lit.) : 100-1,000
  • Volume of waste container (lit.): 100
  • Extractor filter, which removes even the smallest active particles from the circulation after separation.
  • HEPA filtration, for the release of maximally purified air into the environment.
  • Pneumatic valve – the possibility of automatic emptying of the system.
  • Insulated housing and silencers.
  • Welding cells and welding devices.
  • Grinding and machining jobs.
  • Local suction in paint shops (sanding, finishing …).
  • Field blasting, blasting chambers and booths.
  • Plasma and laser cutting
  • Wood processing industry
  • In the metal, railway, aerospace and shipbuilding industries.
  • Our filtration and separation systems prevent contamination of your products and protect the worker from harmful influences.
  • We provide a dust-free work environment.
  • Harmful dust, oil vapors, impurities and smoke are removed directly at the place of origin.
  • Also suitable for busy jobs.
  • Custom made and customized.
  • Cleaning takes place via an integrated cyclone system.
  • Designed for continuous operation.
  • When blasting, they provide a properly cleaned blasting medium, which is returned to the system by uniform granulations.
  • Possibility of independent installation or integration into the existing suction system.
  • HEPA filters
  • Soundproof housing
  • Silencer
  • Ex performance
  • Cyclone separator with impact head
  • Controlled filter blowing
  • Additional anti-abrasion protection (rubber inner parts)
  • Welding cells.
  • Grinding and machining jobs.
  • Local exhausts in paint shops (sanding, finishing, …).
  • In the metal, railway, aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

Local suction and filtration

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