Custom machines

Engineering and manufacture

In 30 years, we have learned to listen to our customers and their wishes so that we can make a perfect machine.

Our in-house engineering team develops custom machines for our customers in as many as 16 countries.

sandblasting machines

Many years of experience in installing and servicing blasting machines are a solid foundation for the design, development and manufacture of blasting equipment.

We produce everything from smaller blasting booths to larger automated blast rooms for serial blasting.


Our dry ice cleaning services are highly renowned because we are using our own top-performance machines.

They are known for low consumption of ice and compressed air, durability and a high degree of cleaning performance.

You can buy or rent dry ice machines from us.

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Filtration and separation machines

Extend the life of cartridge filters up to 3 times by using a separator for larger particles!

BT Lift line manipulators and mobile lifts

We manufacture innovative and reliable equipment for lifting and handling all types of loads, which is adored by our most demanding customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

In the design process, we put the safety of the load and the operator first. The equipment is designed according to the latest ergonomic guidelines to improve your productivity and employee morale.

Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is gaining traction in all industries due to its multiple benefits. It is a clean, user friendly and environmentally friendly surface treatment technology.

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