DRY LED and dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is a COMPLETELY DRY process without the use of water, which is an upgrade of traditional technologies and replaces sandblasting, high-pressure washing and steam cleaning.

They clean with dry ice:

Fast and efficient

Clean production without downtime in 80% less time

Use dry ice for the hardest to reach places without disassembly!

Advantages of cleaning with dry ice

The machines can also be cleaned during operation, and their immediate use is possible after the service is completed.

Why dry ice cleaning?

When it comes to stubborn dirt , burns or sensitive electronics, dry ice cleaning is the BEST choice.

This technology does not contaminate the environment, and after cleaning it is possible to start production immediately. See: DRY LED – BEST EXAMPLES OF CLEANED SURFACES (click) .

Working principle

It is a high-pressure cleaning process (up to 16 bar). Compressed air accelerates dry ice particles to supersonic speeds, thus hitting a particle with high kinetic energy against the surface.

The surface freezes in an instant, the impurity receives microcracks, and the dry ice particle sublimes due to the impact on the surface, causing micro-explosions, which take advantage of the loose bond of the impurity and remove it from the surface.

Examples of use by industry

Extend the life of your machines and devices! Use dry ice!

Click on one of the industries below to see concrete examples.

Dry ice in the automotive industry

Use cases:

  • cleaning of welding robots and welding tables
  • cleaning of vapor incinerators
  • conveyor chains and belts in finishing and drying chambers
  • cleaning of foundry tools (for grey cast iron and aluminium)
  • cleaning plastic and rubber injection molding tools
  • heat exchangers (thermal wheels, heaters, refrigerators)
  • electrical and communication cabinets (robot cabinets, locator cabinets, SOP, MOP)

What do customers think?

“Thank you Blast Tehnik for suggesting us dry ice. We achieved an immediate result and saved a lot of time and money. Our plastic injection molding machines and tools are now regularly flawlessly clean. This allows us constant product quality and much easier tool maintenance.”

Simon Drofenik

Deplast doo

More than 30 years of experience