Laser cleaning

Clean surfaces free of noise, dust, toxic debris and alterations to the base material.

They clean with a laser:

Laser cleaning

For hard-to-reach geometrically structured surfaces

Ensure LESS JAGGES in production with laser maintenance of machines, tools and molds.

Laser cleaning

The laser provides a high level of cleaning and can also be performed on hot tools.

Why use a laser?

When we need an ACCURATE (point), energy efficient, clean and quiet way of cleaning , laser is the ultimate choice.

It allows easy installation in the existing production process.

Working principle

Laser cleaning works on the principle of short pulses comparable to a small charge of light, which shoots at a frequency of about 200,000 pulses per second!

The laser beam forms a temperature of approx. 3000 ° C and with this energy it literally injects the impurity. However, the surface itself does not receive or absorb this energy and thus the surface is not damaged.

Examples of use by industry

Laser cleaning – free of dust, noise and toxic waste!

Laser for the automotive industry

Use cases:

  • mould cleaning
  • precise paint removal from serial parts
  • laser cleaning of aluminum castings
  • activation of surfaces for further finishing or bonding

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