Reduce maintenance costs, improve the functionality of the final product and provide it with more than 60 years of service life under the toughest conditions.

They metallize with us

30 years more durable than painting

Improve the resistance of materials to wear, corrosion and cavitation

The best protection against corrosion, wear and weather!

Advantages of metallization

Metallization improves surface hardness, abrasion resistance and protects the product from chemical influences.

Why metallicize?

Metallization improves the material’s resistance to corrosion, wear and weathering . Improves the appearance of the object and the functionality of the final product.

Because it does not require drying or solidification time , it significantly increases and facilitates production.

In the process, the metallized surface never exceeds 120-150 ° C, so there is no risk of damage or deformation of the steel.

Working principle

Metallization is the coating of a base material with a thin metal film in the range of 80 – 400 mic.

We apply the materials in various forms. Depending on the type and technological process. In the form of wire or powder.

Serial robotic metallization is performed with ARC technology (wire spray), which ensures reproducible quality in a dedicated metallization chamber.

Examples of use by industry

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Metallizing in the automotive industry

Use cases:

  • vehicle chassis parts used in extreme conditions
  • military and mining vehicles, construction machinery, railway wagons etc.
  • field repair of worn shaft supports

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