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about us

We are a leading provider in the field of surface treatment in the SE Europe. Based in Slovenia, we collaborate with the most important local and global partners.

Together we have been providing indispensable services ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality, safe and clean production for our clients for many years.

The company

We offer services to all major industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, electric power, food, defence, automotive and aerospace.

Our key guidelines are professionalism, efficiency, responsibility, reliability and environmental protection. We cultivate sincere, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

Our offer is complemented by maintenance and installation services, as well as the rental and sale of blasting equipment and blasting media.

Our clients credit us with the following advantages:

  • flexibility to adapt to individual customer needs,
  • hi-tech know-how and rich experience,
  • specialization, research and development,
  • being a trusted partner.

We design the best solutions for you through continuous research and development!

Founder and CEO
Jernej Črtalič

I am convinced that we can meet the needs of our customers best if the company management also takes the tools in our hands every once in a while!

I therefore encourage all employees to join me in the field, where we study the specifics of individual industries together with the experts.


Department at FerroČrtalič. Dry ice cleaning in the industry
Spin off J Blast Sandblasting Machine Service
Installation of pharmaceutical process equipment
Establishment of company Blast Tehnik d.o.o Sandblasting; pharmaceutical industry
Serial sandblasting; defence industry
Serial sandblasting; automotive industry
Serial sandblasting; medical industry Automated blasting line for the automotive industry
Serial sandblasting of wind turbine components
Serial shot peening for the automotive industry
Automated blasting line; aerospace industry Shot peening of key components for the Airbus A320 passenger aircraft begins
Laser cleaning; chemical industry
Opening of the business unit with a 3,000 m2 warehouse in Dobova
Robotic blasting in the nuclear industry begins in collaboration with Westinghouse Acquisition of quality standards
ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
Launch of automated and robotic blasting lines and automated and robotic metallizing lines

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