Quick-assembly blasting chamber BLAST HUB

Quick-assembly blasting chamber BLAST HUB

Sandblasting Chamber – BLAST HUB

Based on 20 years of experience with sandblasting services, we have developed the BLAST HUB quick-assembly sandblasting system. We place it directly in your production, without additional construction work. This sandblasting chamber has a robust construction which allows the processing of LARGE AND HEAVY PIECES which are loaded directly with a forklift.

– Quick setup – no additional construction work,
– 100% user adaptability (depending on processing requirements, manipulation…),
– possible use of all types of blasting media (corundum, glass beads, steel scrap, soda…),
– increased productivity of your production,
– processing capacity: up to 10m2/h,
– effective filtration and separation (IBS system),
– possible rental IMMEDIATELY – in already established chambers (Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, Dobova).
– Elevator for moving workpieces,
– automatic or manual cart/table for manipulation,
– additional lighting for fine sandblasting,
– equipment complies with ATEX.
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We guarantee completely safe and effective cleaning! NO DAMAGE and NO DISASSEMBLY of machines required.
Industrial extraction systems for filtration and separation by Blast Tehnik are intended for on-site extraction and ensure filtration and separation.
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