Exhaustion in the ARC metallization process

ARC metallization creates extremely dense, heavy, and toxic gases, which need to be completely extracted and removed from the air, eliminating all dust and toxic particles.

The innovative exhaust system in the field of metallization consists of three key interconnected components:

High-efficiency filtration system
High performance filter system.
The system is adapted to difficult metallization conditions.
Rotatronic system for efficient blowing or shaking out cartridges.
Integrated piping
Priklop metalizacijske komora na talno kanaleto.
Connecting the metallization chamber to the floor channel.
Custom exhaust chamber
Namenska komora za težke pogoje ARC metalizacije.
Dedicated chamber for harsh conditions of ARC metallization.
Air flow simulation model.

The solution improves the efficiency of work processes and ensures a safer and healthier working environment.



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