Try the laser technology of the future today!

Try the laser technology of the future today!

Laser cleaning

Learn how we can clean your machinery and products efficiently, noise-, dust- and toxic waste-free, and using only a minimum amount of energy.

So far, we have been around with our dry ice cleaning and/or blasting services. We have now upgraded our solutions with a laser cleaning system that offers multiple benefits compared to the other processes:

  • only the undesired materials are removed (paint, rust, contaminants …),
  • low energy consumption,
  • manual or automated process (integration in your production system is possible),
  • a wide range of applications,
  • an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning process,
  • a controlled process (cleaning layer-by-layer is possible),
  • low energy absorption in the substrate (deformation-free cleaning).

Best cases of cleaned surfaces:

Cleaning welds and surfaces

Straight-forward and effective removal of oxides and discoloration from stainless steel and other weldable materials.

Paint and rust removal

We remove rust, paint and contaminants from your metal or non-metal materials, on a small or large scale.

Tool and mould cleaning

We clean various injection moulding, casting and other tools – 100% safe, damage-free and wear-free.

Get to know our service.

  • Cleaning is performed at your site or in our company
  • Manual or automated cleaning process using a robot
  • We work with a high-performance industrial laser
  • Surface inspection (macro scanning, surface roughness …) before and after cleaning
  • Test report
  • Further development and integration of manual or automated laser cleaning in your production process

Why laser cleaning?

Whenever sandblasting, dry-ice, high-pressure water or steam cleaning is not suitable, we use state-of-the-art laser cleaning technology!


We clean even the hardest-to-reach places.


We perform the cleaning process with minimal or no dismantling of your equipment, installation of protections …


A safe and controlled process with minimal heat input and no surface damage.


Your equipment is ready to run immediately after the cleaning.

Customer feedback

Blast Tehnik laser cleaning makes sure that rust, deposits and dirt evaporate in a couple of seconds. After having tested this technology for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy, fast and efficient it is. The laser is plugged into an ordinary power socket and can be used virtually anywhere. The process is extremely precise and only removes what we want. The base material is safe from damage, which is extremely important for our process equipment for the pharma industry.

We are the official distributer and service partner for Netalux cleaning lasers in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

For decades, we have been cleaning up dirt across a large part of Europe that others can’t. Try out laser cleaning and become one of the satisfied users of our services!



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Blast Tehnik uses the Netalux lasers for laser cleaning. Blast Tehnik offers services and machines, as well as the maintenance and servicing of laser cleaning equipment.
Linear Tumble Belt - blast machine for the deburring of plastic products. Blast machine for the treatment of plastic products using plastic blast media. The anti-static system prevents the medium for sticking to the products.
Decades of experience in the field have enabled us to bring to perfection our PREMIUM and CUSTOM MADE dry ice cleaning machine.
Planning preventive shutdowns is more cost efficient and safe. Unplanned production downtime namely often happens when least expected, causing long delays, high costs and the need to order new equipment.
We will present ourselves at the International Fair BIAM & WELDING in Zagreb, Croatia. Visit us between 26-29. April 2022 (10 am - 6 pm) in hall 8A, at exhibition space 30.
Blast Tehnik IBS extraction systems are suitable for the extraction of various media (dust, combustible dust, oil vapors, smoke ...). The IBS extraction systems can be installed both in new or existing production lines.

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