Heavy Roller 20 tons automatic blasting chamber

Heavy Roller 20 tons automatic blasting chamber

Take a look at the process of building one of the most technologically advanced robotic blasting chambers in Southeast Europe. The step-by-step display shows the path from the idea all the way to start-up and its sophisticated automatic operation.

The automatic blasting chamber is intended for automatic blasting of rubber rollers, which can be 15 m long, 1.6 m in diameter and weigh up to 20 tons.

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Preparation of the framework of the scraper system, which is partly placed in the foundation of the building.

In the photo, you can see a modern, robotic, automatic blasting chamber growing out of a construction pit. How the assembly of the frame and angles and rails took place before pouring the foundations.

Installation of a scraper system for moving the sandblasted medium.
STEP 2: Installation of the scraper system for moving the sandblasted medium

Installation of a scraper system for moving the sandblasted medium. It is a system that allows you to select an already used blasting medium, and then reuse it.

Installation of a massive blasting chamber structure.
STEP 3: Installation of the metal structure

On the prepared base, we installed a precisely made chamber construction, which represents the framework of a technologically advanced blasting machine.


We made the walls from dedicated panels, which enable the required tightness of the chamber and meet even the most demanding European environmental standards. The interior is wrapped in a sound-absorbing rubber wrapper that extends the life of the chamber. In the mentioned phase of the project, double-leaf doors were installed, which were automated in the next phase and connected to the operation of the chamber. The technology used enables proper opening and closing and the required tightness of the door. Our project made sure that we started the project as prepared as possible, and that despite the technological complexity, the implementation went without major problems.

Connecting electronic components.

Careful and precise design and implementation of electronic and computer components is required to ensure sophisticated automatic operation of the robotic blasting chamber. It is the core of the device, which allows the chamber to be operated by one person. Despite the large mass of workpieces and loads, touch screen control is sufficient for efficient chamber operation.

Numerous sensors in different positions contribute to correct and accurate operation. They also allow the machine to operate safely and prevent accidents during operation. We must also take into account the important fact that the blasting chamber is located in the production process itself, the production line, and as such is synchronized and connected to the entire work process in the organization.

The automatic blasting chamber uses purpose-developed information technology that precisely directs a number of mechanical operations so that the entire sandblasting process can go according to plan.

STEP 6: Relaxed atmosphere throughout the project

Despite the tense working atmosphere, the boys knew how to create a good atmosphere and a positive attitude throughout the project. In any case, this is one of the reasons why such a technologically demanding project can succeed.

Installation of a dedicated filter unit that allows dust-free sandblasting. It does not need air from the room in its operation.
STEP 7: Filtration, separation and ventilation system

The automatic blasting chamber uses purpose-developed information technology that precisely directs a number of mechanical operations so that the entire sandblasting process can go according to plan.

The extremely powerful fan is structurally placed in place to ensure the best possible efficiency. The piping system is designed optimally according to the required effect and efficiency. Purpose-built filters enable filtration according to the latest European standards. The separation itself is carried out within the separation system, which has proven to be extremely effective in the past, and we used it in this case as well.

Positioning the trolley on pre-prepared rails in front of the chamber entrance.
STEP 8: Mount the trolley to transport up to 20 ton cylinders

The trolley, with the help of sensors and a connection to the information system, enables the precise placement of up to 20 tone cylinders in a suitable location. In addition, the trolley allows synchronous rotation of the loaded roller, depending on the movement of the blasting guns. The technology thus enables extremely precise sandblasting of the rollers, without the involvement of the human factor. This automatic blasting line allows error-free operation and endless repeatability of work.

STEP 9: Automatic blasting chamber - Start in manual mode

To ensure a minimum downtime of the production process, the chamber is already operational at the moment, despite the fact that some work is still needed to be fully completed and fully functional.

STEP 10: Final start-up and video demonstration of the operation of the automated blasting chamber

The project of a robotic automatic blasting chamber was thus very successfully completed. In any case, our journey with the client has only just begun. Our knowledge and experience are available to the client in the future, as we will monitor the efficiency of operation and take care of possible upgrades and modifications of the device in the future.

At this point, we would like to thank all those involved in the project and wish a long life to one of the most technologically advanced robotic blasting chambers in Southeast Europe.



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