Rehabilitation after a fire – first, immediately for firefighters!

Rehabilitation after a fire – first, immediately for firefighters!

First, right behind the fire department! When the fire goes out, it’s time to sandblast – repair after the fire!

After the fire, soot remains, burns on wood, brick, concrete or metal. Everything is black and it stinks of burnt!

Blast Technician – field remediation after fire. Save time and money, as remediation can replace the need for replacement!

Do you want to repair the damage caused by the fire? CALL US!

In industrial fires, production is limited, which has a strong impact on business. In addition to the already great damage, revenues are also reduced and jobs are endangered. That is why fast and efficient remediation is extremely important!

Classic cleaning procedures are inefficient and time consuming. Blast Tehnik teams are trained to work in the field. Using various sandblasting procedures, we clean materials such as:

  • concrete
  • stone
  • the
  • brick
  • metals

We use continuous suction and filtration to prevent dust in the environment. After finishing work, the premises are in most cases available for immediate further use or. as our client said, “Oh, it’s like new!”

With the process of sandblasting, the surface is thoroughly cleaned and at the same time unpleasant odors are removed. Sensitive areas (eg electrical wiring, ceramics,…) are sanded with dry ice. It is a non-abrasive cleaning method that cleans the plumbing, without a secondary residue (dry ice is infused immediately after hitting the surface, so only removed impurities remain). After finishing the treatment, the surfaces are ready for immediate application of paint protection or direct further use.

Blast Technician – fire remediation has many advantages:

  • faster process compared to conventional cleaning methods
  • less disruption and cost
  • thorough remediation, which also allows access to hard-to-reach places
  • enables efficient cleaning / rehabilitation of sensitive / dangerous areas: electrical and plumbing
  • cleaning without water and chemicals
  • after remediation, the surface is immediately ready for “decoration” if necessary
  • removes the unpleasant smell of fire
  • environmentally friendly remediation method

For more information and to make an offer, call us – immediately after the fire:

041 671 002



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Blast Tehnik IBS suction systems are suitable for suction of various media (dust, flammable dust, oil vapors, smoke ...). IBS suction systems can be installed in new as well as existing production lines.
Solutions for periodic and general maintenance of RTO & RCO systems. "0" emissions and optimal energy efficiency. We offer maintenance of RTO systems almost all over Europe!
Sandblasting in the field is a versatile and effective surface treatment technology for removing paint, rust, impurities and preparing surfaces for further anti-corrosion protection (painting, galvanizing, metallization, rubberizing, ...) or achieving the desired final structure.
Dry ice cleaning allows you to reduce production downtime and higher product quality. The process is fast, without the use of water and chemicals.
Cleaning the heaters is the best solution for maintaining your heating system. With dry snow cleaning technology, we clean your heaters completely without damage. In this way, we ensure flawlessly clean honeycombs and optimal use of thermal energy.

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