IBS extraction systems

IBS extraction systems

IBS extraction systems by Blast Tehnik

Harmful smoke, dust and gases are removed directly at the source!

Our industrial extraction and filtration systems can be retrofitted to existing lines or integrated into new facilities.

Why choose IBS extraction

IBS extraction systems - references:

Local extraction and filtration

Extraction at the source

Effective extraction of various media (dust and combustible dust, oil vapors, smoke, toxic gases …). The IBS extraction systems ensure the process does not contaminate the products, as well as better air quality, lower operating costs and safer workplaces.

Retrofitting to an existing system

The IBS extraction systems can be configured and customised to the customer’s requirements. STAND-ALONE installation or retrofitting to an existing extraction system is possible.

Modular design

IBS extraction systems are customisable to your technical and spatial requirements and enable continuous operation, low noise and straight-forward maintenance.

IBS technical specifications:
Why choose Blast Tehnik IBS Extraction Systems?
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