CNC automatic blasting system mold cleaner 20-20

CNC automatic blasting system mold cleaner 20-20
Cleaning without damaging tools

It enables the achievement of 100% of cleaned and undamaged surfaces, so it is extremely suitable for the serial process in the following areas:

  • rubber tools
  • foam injection tools (polyurethane …)
Easy to operate
  • user-friendly Mitshubishi HMI touch screen interface
  • the possibility of working without the constant presence of the operator
  • automatic or manual workflow
  • low maintenance requirements
Effective filtration and separation
  • dedicated production according to the highest requirements for pharmacy
  • installation of a system for removing foreign matter and metal particles from the blasting medium
  • HEPA filtration – release of absolutely clean air into the environment / production



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Blast Tehnik IBS suction systems are suitable for suction of various media (dust, flammable dust, oil vapors, smoke ...). IBS suction systems can be installed in new as well as existing production lines.
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