Di – Power 16HD – Work like a pro!

Dry ice cleaning machine - DI Power 16HD

Decades of experience in the field have enabled us to bring to perfection our PREMIUM and CUSTOM MADE dry ice cleaning machine.

Dry ice cleaning is a non-abrasive, water- and chemical-less process that creates no secondary waste. It requires no subsequent cleaning and your equipment is ready to run RIGHT AWAY.

Benefits of Di-Power 16HD:

1. NEW: anti-clumping system,
2. durable cable connections,
3. NEW: dry ice discharging system,
4. integrated equipment hangers,
5. NEW: impact-resistant work light,
6. customised blast nozzles.
NEW! Discharging system

The discharging system enables you to empty the machine after finishing work. This prevents the dry ice in the storage box from clumping and making the machine temporarily unusable.

NEW! Anti-clumping system

With the anti clumping system, you can restart work after a short break (e.g. lunch) without any issues, as the ice will not clump together.

NEW! Work light

A high-quality work light is resistant to impacts and designed for heavy-duty work. The work light comes in very handy for work in closed, dark spaces.

Customised blast nozzles

We will analyse your use case and engineer a nozzle to provide the required results based on the results of tests and analyses.



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