Hydroelectric power plant cleaning after fire

Cleaning of a hydroelectric power plant in Slovenia with dry ice. Odor removal, cleaning of walls, ceilings and all installations.

Blast Tehnik: Čiščenje objekta po požaru.
Blast Technician: To the left is the ceiling after the fire. On the right, however, the same ceiling has already been cleaned of dry ice. The quality of the cleaned surface can be adjusted at the customer's request. For the power plant facility, such a level of cleaning was sufficient. The walls can be cleaned even better with dry ice.

The rooms, which were polluted by smoke and fire, were cleaned with dry ice. We also cleaned all the installations.

Suha sanacija po požaru.
Blast Technician: Ceiling and Installations. After fire and after cleaning with dry ice.

At the request of the client, we did not perform the cleaning at the highest level. Soot was cleaned to remove the smell of fire from the premises and eliminate the possibility of subsequent errors due to the consequences of the fire.

Čiščenje s suhim ledom po požaru.
Blast Technician: Cleaned pipelines inside the building where the fire occurred.

Ceiling with installations before cleaning and after cleaning with dry ice.

Pred čiščenjem s suhim ledom. Po čiščenju s suhim ledom.




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