Automatic sandblasting of the inside of the cylinder

For a greater cooling effect and less chance of injury

Sandblasting the inside of the cylinder is an essential step in its maintenance. It is a cylinder that is cooled by water during the production process, which causes corrosion inside it.

To remove corrosion, we used automatic sandblasting with a spin nozzle, and the medium used was electro corundum.

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Rollers used in the manufacturing process of rubber are exposed to various factors. Due to water cooling, organic substances are introduced into the cylinder, which causes corrosion on the surface.

In our case, we decided to carry out automatic sandblasting of the inside of the cylinder to maintain its functionality and increase its service life.

Automatic sandblasting method

We used the SPIN NOZZLE automatic sandblaster to sandblast the interior of the cylinder. The device enables circular sandblasting with two nozzles and automatic movement over the entire surface of the cylinder. In this way, we achieved uniform sandblasting of the entire surface of the cylinder.
We used electro corundum, which is known for its effectiveness in removing rust and preparing the surface for further processing.

Reasons for sandblasting

CORROSION REMOVAL: Corrosion on the inner surface of the cylinder was the main cause of blasting. Corrosion could eventually damage the pump and reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.

IMPROVED COOLING EFFICIENCY: By removing rust and other impurities, we improved the efficiency of the cooling process. The smooth and clean inner surface of the cylinder enables better heat transfer and thus better temperature regulation.

SURFACE PREPARATION FOR PAINTING: After sandblasting, the inner surface of the cylinder was thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the application of new paint. The paint protects the inner surface from further corrosion.

The result

By sandblasting the inside of the cylinder, we achieved:

  1. All visible signs of corrosion and rust have been removed.
  2. We have increased the efficiency of the cooling process.
  3. The inner surface of the cylinder has become uniformly processed and clean.
  4. Ready for further processing and painting.

With the correct use of technology and suitable abrasives, we can achieve excellent results. We remove corrosion, improve cooling efficiency and prepare the surface for further processing. The most important thing here is that the process is efficient and fast, thereby minimally influencing the production process itself.




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