Baking soda

The selection of suitable abrasive media is of paramount importance for efficient sandblasting. With the right choice, you will significantly reduce the cost of abrasive consumption and ensure a longer service life of your blasting equipment.

Abrasive strength


2.5 Mohs


FORM round


PRICE: 47.28 € / 25kg

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Features and benefits

  • baking soda is brittle, soft, does not damage the surface
  • non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • water soluble
  • suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces, around bearings and sliding elements
  • baking soda is used to remove surface rust, dirt, stains, grease and oils, mold, soot, paint, polyester residues, bituminous coatings, glazes, limescale, dense residues, odors of dried food…
Available grain sizes in microns and millimeters
SODA ARMEX 150 µg 0.15 mm
Chemical composition
C 0.85 – 1.20%
Mn 0.60 – 1.2%
Si min 0.40%
S max 0.05%

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