Blast machines

As a leading provider of surface treatment services in the Southeastern Europe, we use our know-how and experience for in-house development and manufacture of unique and unrivaled sandblasting systems.

Our satisfied users:

40 years of know-how and experience

In-house laboratory for
testing and development

We perform as many as 200+ different tests per year on our customers’ specific parts, supported with test documentation. In this way, we can define the technology necessary to achieve the desired result and create a unique blast machine for your specific requirements.

Every year, we produce 50+ customized versions of our machines for parts processing

As a service provider with the largest knowledge database in this market, we are constantly integrating our vast experience in the development of blasting machinery. We are convinced that this is the only way to make the best blast machines.

Advantages of our blast machines

Based on many years of experience and many reference projects, today we are capable of delivering a fully customized and perfect machine in a short time.

Custom made blasting systems

Custom blast machines

  • Development and engineering from idea to implementation – turnkey solutions.
  • Manual, automated or robotic sandblasting systems.
  • User-friendly machine operation.
  • We deliver machines for workpieces of all shapes and sizes.
  • Our products ensure 100% repeatability and quality of treatment.
  • All wearing parts are in stock.
  • Different implementations of blast medium transport (hoppers, rakes, extruder, rakes + elevator …).
  • Abrasive media collection and recycling system.
  • Machine control via a PLC console.
  • Easy access for quick service and replacement of wearing parts (minimal downtime).
  • The machines are designed for optional upgrades and automation.

Automated machines:

  • One or two-axis blast nozzle manipulator.
  • Systems for internal sandblasting of hollow workpieces (boilers, pipes …).
  • Combined blasting and blowing system.
  • Automated system for scanning and recognizing part variants.

Robotised machines:

  • 6-axis robot plus an additional synchronized axis (rotary table).
  • The sandblasting system is integrated with the customer’s control and safety systems.
  • The protective coating allows the robots to last longer.
  • Robotic handling – automatic loading and unloading of the machine.
  • Lift for moving the workpieces.
  • Automatic or manual trolley, table and rotary table for manipulation, feeders.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • ATEX compliant machine design.
  • Integrated surface measurement system.
  • System for homogeneous medium separation (mesh separation).
  • Designed to use any type of blasting medium.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Efficient and reliable operation for daily intensive use.
  • Easy loading with a forklift/lift.
  • Compact design for a small footprint.
  • Built-in safety elements (safety switch, safety pressure joints …).

Portable blast machines:

  • Injector or pressure blasting principle.
  • Designed for easy handling and relocation in the field.
  • Different types of metering depending on the blasting medium.

Blast cabinets:

  • The cabinets are available in many designs and sizes, depending on the specific requirements (lifting door or side opening).
  • Separate or integrated filtering and separation system (COMPACT series).
  • Machines can be combined. Manual and/or automatic control.
  • The window is designed for easy glass replacement, no additional tools are required.
  • The cabinets are equipped with lighting for excellent visibility.
  • We also deliver cabinets made from stainless materials for specific requirements.

Portable blast machines:

  • Capacity of pressure vessels from 25 – 600 l.
  • Injector or pressure blasting principle.
  • Built-in high-performance dehumidifier.
  • Possibility of control via a foot pedal or using a remote control on the blast hose.
  • Suitable for all types of abrasive media up to 4mm grain size.

Blast cabinets:

  • Internal dimensions of cabinets up to 1450 x 1000 x 1000 mm.
  • Safety switch stops the blasting in case of open door.
  • The machine/cabinet enclosures are made of powder-coated sheet metal.
  • Rotary pull-out table with a load capacity of up to 500 kg.
  • Door cutouts for the machining of longer workpieces (continuous type).
  • Integration of custom support surfaces according to the specific part shapes.
  • Additional lighting.
  • Inner protection made of rubber.
  • Various blast guns and nozzles.
  • Vibratory unit for applications with poorly flowing abrasive mediums (alumina, sodium bicarbonate …).
  • Dust-free wet blasting kit available (nozzles, hoses, pump).

Serial blast machines

Quick installation blasting systems

  • QUICK SYSTEM INSTALLATION at your site (within 30 days of the order).
  • Possibility to use ANY BLAST MEDIUM.
  • Installation within existing production halls is possible WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION WORKS.
  • The floor is designed for higher loads – FORKLIFT HANDLING to the place of blasting.
  • A powerful extraction system provides EXCELLENT VISIBILITY during the sandblasting process.
  • Rent an existing facility and start blasting IMMEDIATELY! (Sites: Novo mesto, Dobova and Ljubljana).
  • Integrated system for efficient filtration and separation of abrasive medium.
  • LED lighting and efficient extraction ensure excellent visibility during the sandblasting process.
  • Any type of blasting medium can be used.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Dimensions: 3x3x6m
  • Walls: insulated and lined with 3mm rubber mats for abrasion protection
  • Doors: insulated, double leaf
  • Lighting: 12 LED lights for full visibility
  • Material collection: various implementations of blast medium transport (hoppers, rakes, extruders, rakes + elevator…).
  • Lift for moving the workpieces.
  • Automated or manual trolley/handling table.
  • Additional lighting.
  • ATEX compliant equipment.

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