Sandblasting Composites – best grinding alternative


Bond stronger, paint with more shine, deburr all the edges

By shot peening we can improve the mehanical properties of individual aircraft parts. Our team deliver in the field all necessary for quick and qualitatively treatment of the highest standards. We always carry out the measurements after our services and deliver a report on the quality of treatment to our costumers.


Composites surface on your demand

 Our sandblasting services offers a great substitute for mechanical grinding and chemical treatments on almost every composite material. With a precize and controled process we thoroughly treat even the most complex structures.


How we do the Job?

Blast Tehnik uses robotic, automatic or hand manipulated sandblasting machines, depends on demands, measures and quantities.
Let us do the tests, measurements (roughnes, microscopic structure, endoscop) and qualitiy controls to reach highest standards and optimize the production.

Advantages of the procedure – why sandblasting composites:

  • up to 80% higher bonding strength (save material and provide stronger bonding)
  • smooth surface with low abrasion (100% treated surfaces without breakthrough spots)
  • clean and unique structured surface (enable direct further use without improvements)


Schematic demonstration of surface treatment. Left: untreated area – poor adhesion, Right: treated surface – good adhesion

Fields of use:

  • automotive parts (construction elements- exp. roof; steering wheels; decorative elements – dashboards, panels,…)
  • aerospace program (wing components, engine cowlings, landing gear doors, propellers,…)
  • wind power industry (blades, construction parts)
  • medical industry (prosthesis components, wheelchairs,…)
  • nautical industry (steering wheels, propellers, vessel bodies,…)
  • motorsport (cocpit, chasis, wheels, seats constructions,…)

Aplications – sandblasting composites


01_surface preparation


Provide best bonding results on fiberglass, quick and precise method, uniform roughened surface (left: before treatment, right: after treatment)



Best handgrinding alternative even on most complicate shapes: low abrasion level, controled surface treatment (carbon fiber – automotive parts, left: before treatment, right: after treatment)



Deburr sharp edges. Safe, aesthetically pleasing, and ready for smooth procesing downstream (carbon fiber steering wheel of sailboat)



Strip all the coatings without damageing gelcoat, polyester layers. Non abrasive method, comprehensive and eco-friendly.

Does your composites need surface treatment?

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