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Blasttehnik Office in Novo mesto, Slovenia

Who we are?

Blast Tehnik is a world of sandblasting and sandblasting is a solution. We meet the highest standards for surface treatment of serial and non-serial items. At the location of our company or on the field. Sandblasting is a solution!

We are a service oriented company that carries out its mission in the fields of: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutic, medical, military and other types of industry.

Company activities are expanded by maintenance (official maintainer for FerroECOBlast products) and blasting services for smaller customers.

Take a look at what we do:

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Our partnerships

The majority of the biggest Slovenian companies (Krka, Revoz-Renault group, Sava, Akrapovic,…), scientific research institutions (Institute Jozef Stefan, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Ljubljana) and international corporations (Mercedes-Benz, ISOVOLTA, Hella, Lidl, Siemens,…) trust in our work.


50 years ago Joze Crtalic (a grandfather of Jernej Crtalic – CEO of Blast Tehnik) started to ply his metalwork. After few years his son Bojan joined him and launched with production of sandblasting equipment. On the same location nowadays Blast Tehnik is still continuing its mission and tradition of Črtalič family. Seems like sanblasting is in our genes but in fact it’s what we love to do.